1863: John Milburn Rose to Sarah Ellen Rose

This letter was written by John Milburn Rose (1843-1864), the son of Curtis Rose (1808-1862 and Irene Milburn (1816-1891) of Parkersburg, Richland County, Illinois. John wrote the letter to his sister, Sarah Ellen Rose (1841-1927).

John Rose enlisted as a private in Co. A, 63rd Illinois Infantry at Olney, Illinois, in April 1862. He died at his home in Richland County, Illinois, on 8 April 1864.


View of Vicksburg after the surrender, July 1863


Addressed to Miss Sarah E. Rose, Parkersburg, Richland County, Illinois

Vicksburg, Mississippi
July the 29th 1863

Dear Sister,

I received your very kind letter several days ago and as I had written several letters home a short time before, I thought it not necessary to write. Consequently, I have delayed until the present and now I concluded I would write you a few lines and let you know I am well. I have no news to write. There is talk that we will leave here before long. Three from our company started on furloughs last Sunday. One of them was [Sgt.] Sim[eon] Myers. The other James [W.] Leavell and lives near Fairview. The other one lives north of Olney. Again, one or two more squads goes home, then all the married men will have their furloughs. Then I think there will be a chance for some of the rest then.

Well, as I have nothing else to write, I will tell you about the prices here. Potatoes are worth from two to $3.00 a bushel. Butter 50 cts per lb. Eggs 50 cts. a dozen. Chickens from 1.00 to $1.25 cts each. Onions $10.00 a barrel and I paid 25 cts for two, corn [and] nice sized pears and I have paid 25 cts a many time for a pie and the crust would be as tough as sole leather and the inside so dry that it looked like they might have been baked half the summer. I bought two small onions today for 5 cts.

It has been rumored in camp that we was going to leave here and that we would go up the river but I think we will either go down the river or else out in Black River and maybe on to Jackson, Mississippi.

Joe Hart ¹ was at our regiment today. I must soon bring my letter to a close for I have written all that would be of interest to you.

Write soon. — J. M. Rose

¹ This was most likely Joseph Hart of Co. D, 8th Illinois Infantry, who was from Olney, Richland County, Illinois. The 8th Illinois participated in the Vicksburg Campaign and was in the vicinity afterwards.


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