1862: Rufus Greenleaf Norris to Albert Lane Norris


Asst. Surgeon Albert L. Norris, 114th USCT (1864)

This letter was written by Corp. Rufus Greenleaf Norris (1839-1873) who mustered into Co. B, 11th Connecticut Infantry, on 24 October 1861, and was discharged from the service on 7 November 1862 at David’s Island in New York. Rufus was the son of Greenleaf Rufus Norris (1796-1840) and Lucinda Lane (1811-1899) of Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

Rufus wrote the letter to his brother, Albert Lane Norris (1839-1919) — a physician in Boston. Albert received his medical degree from Harvard in 1860. Norris later served as  an assistant surgeon with the 114th USCT.


Addressed to Albert L. Norris, Esq., 94 Hanover Street, Boston, Mass.

Newbern, North Carolina
May 1st 1862

Dear Brother,

I wrote you on the 22nd of April and sent you a box by Adams & Co.  Express. Presume you have received them ‘ere this. Pay the Express with my money as I could not pay it here. I did not leave the hospital until the 29th. Came up on the Steamer General Burnside. Arrived here last night. Am gaining strength every day but am not fit for duty yet &c.


Patriotic Letterhead on Norris Letter

Am glad to get into camp again. It is much pleasanter here than at Hatteras. It seems quite like summer today. Find there have been some changes in Company B. Capt. [Timothy D.] Johnson and Lieut. [William] Horton have resigned and gone home. Lieutenant Samuel G. Bailey (of Co. A) is our captain, Lieut. [Joseph H.] Converse is First Lieut., Orderly Sergt. [George A.] Fisher is Second Lieut., Sergeant Charles Warren is Orderly Sergeant. One of our number was killed in the Battle of Newbern, two wounded, and since then, three have been taken prisoners. Find the men in excellent health and spirits. There is but one man in the hospital now &c.

Have not received your box yet. Doctor [Charles H.] Rogers says he will send it to me from Hatteras when it gets there. We expect a mail tomorrow when I shall expect a letter from you &c.

Thursday evening. Your letter of the 21st inst. is duly received and as I understand the mail is to leave early in the morning, I hasten to reply. I have received only three of your letters. Sergt. [Charles] Warren says Capt. [Timothy] Johnson took one of them with him on his way home intending to call and see me, but he did not call so I suppose he took it home with him. Please send me that letter of seven pages written on your return from Epping. It is now roll call. Good night.

Yours truly, — R. G. Norris


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